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Julia Wade Recruitment offers an exclusive service for executives seeking opportunities or a career change.  

Finding a perfect job at high level can be challenging, especially for executives new to the area.  This is where our depth of knowledge of the local market is invaluable for clients needing a support structure to secure a position that offers advancement and also the best possible remuneration package.

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Executive Placement is more than simply providing a short list of possibilities: it is a thoroughly researched and targeted campaign to match a professional with the right position in the right location and with the right remuneration package.

A broad network of contacts along with a finely tuned knowledge of developments throughout the region is essential in implementing a successful match.  And in a budget-conscious market where employers are under pressure to retain the best professional skills on the market to their own best advantage, an experienced negotiator is a vital element in the contract process.

Corporate requirements change direction constantly, shifting with the fortunes – and misfortunes – of the market.  Executives sometimes find their careers stalling through no fault of their own and require a fresh platform for their specialist skills.  Julia Wade Recruitment takes a detailed and perceptive view of each client’s particular goals and utilises a comprehensive knowledge of the local job network to provide the best advice and ultimately a lucrative move forward.   

A professional recruitment package is a solid foundation to develop your career – talk to us.